Hanningfield Water at Hanningfield Reservoir - the birdwatchers paradise

Main Entrance

Giffords Lane


Essex, CM3 8HX

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Visitor Centre

Hawkswood Road, Downham


Essex, CM11 1WT



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South East Essex RSPB Local Group

We have a very active, lively and friendly local group and we are always looking to recruit new members and would welcome anyone wishing to join us.

Essex Wildlife Trust -

   Hanningfield Reservoir Visitor Centre

Providing panoramic views over the 870 acre reservoir. The visitor centre is set in mature woodland and has proved a popular bat roost, with a beautiful carpet of Bluebells in the spring.

Wildlife Watch

If you care about nature and love wildlife, Wildlife Watch is the club for you!  Explore your local wild places, get involved in hundreds of events and activities and make new friends by becoming one of Wildlife Watch’s 150,000 members.

We will add to this Links page as more Wildlife supportive Websites are identified Essex Birdwatching Society

We welcome new members, so if you have an interest in Essex birdlife and would like to join, details can be found on the 'Membership' page. Membership offers a number of additional benefits.


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