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Hanningfield Water

Main Entrance

Giffords Lane, Chelmsford, Essex, CM3 8HX

Visitor Centre

Hawkswood Road, Downham, Billericay, Essex, CM11 1WT


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Hello,  I am Barrie Bowdler.

I made a recent visit to Hanningfield Reservoir, parked in the car park accessible from Giffords Lane, near the Waterside Cafe and had a good walk around for a few hours visiting a number of the Hides.  Fortunately I had a reasonably good pair of binoculars with me so was able to take my time and watch the action of the many birds, water fowl and insects scuttling along the sand part of the bank.

I loved the experience and when home attempted to look on the internet for more information about the bird Hides and other bird spotting information.  I found little useful information so, as I design websites for something to do, I thought it would be a good idea to set one up, concentrating on bird spotting at Hanningfield Reservoir, which I have called “hanningfieldwater.co.uk”

I do hope that if you do land on my website that you find it useful for what you are looking for.  I have added a Forum on the desktop website so that if you have any bits and pieces which you would like to add and/or communicate to other viewers, it will be easy for you to do it.

I will be at Hanningfield as much as I can, I have created both Twitter & Facebook accounts so will update Facebook with my visits and observations etc.

Hope you have an enjoyable time at Hanningfield and look forward to hearing from you.

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